Poppets play games #eleventy-three

The Captain is pretty sure this game would be a LOT more fun if you would just tear your shirt a little bit before you get started. See? Right there, on the shoulder, just rip it just a tiny bit.

That's great. See? Told you it would be better.


Invasion?, originally uploaded by geekgirlunveiled.
"No Dude, immigration! We have our papers and everything. We're Satellite Expats from the Planet Strangeland."

Little Red Ella pondered for a moment. She had, in the past, been inexplicably human in her bias against "foreigners." Poppets, in general, are rather more curious than suspicious, but for some reason, she had been having a difficult time with succumbing to what the human referred to as "xenophobia." She believed it might have been related to being put in charge of an ever-growing and diverse population of small and active citizens.

Maybe she had taken her new job a bit too humanly and seriously. Besides, these new Oddjects were kind of cute, seemed nice too, and had such fancy colors. Maybe everything would be fine after all.

Showing the latest arrivals the ropes.

"Tea?" asks the Jacabunny, "I really don't think it's good for us to be around this much liquid."

"Nonsense," pipes Poppet. "Tea keeps the human happy."

"And plus Tea Party is when she brings out the Photographic Equipment. We are all Stars!" says the other Poppet.

Sweet Tater the baby burble wonders how they will all be stars, since stars are so very hot. (Burbles know a lot about stars.) "I wonder what the spontaneous combustion point is for wool? I don't think I will like being a star."

The Aftermath

The Aftermath, originally uploaded by geekgirlunveiled.
What are we looking at?

Our human.

What happened to her?

She went to a Par Tea.

I thought Tea was good for the human.

Not "Par Tea" - Party. She said she was going to be drinking "The Good Shit."


I think it's Euphemism.

Ohhhhh! What's that black stuff smeared on the side of her face?

It's her eye paint that she calls Maskscareya.


Yeah, I like my way better.

Wow, her breath really stinks.

That's why we borrowed these gasmasks from the steampunks.

Do you think she had fun? She's taking medicine and groaning a lot.

She claims to have had fun.

Hmm. Silly Humans.

Yeah. Silly Humans.

Bigger on the inside *

Bigger on the inside, originally uploaded by geekgirlunveiled.

"Dude, what is your major malfunction?" **

"I agree, you really should calm down a little, maybe have a cup of tea, put your feet up, you know?" ***

*Poppets are bigger on the inside. That's why Trolls don't really scare them.

**At least, I've never seen one scared.

***Note the total absence of gasmasks.

****Although they are asking about Evil Henchmen, who might be scarier.

*****Especially if there are sharks with fricken' laser beams attached to their heads

******Or even some ill-tempered sea bass. Those could also be scary.

*******They admit to a certain curiosity regarding Warlocks too.

Note to self: Must set TV watching limits for Poppet Satellite residents.

The new arrivals

Arrival I, originally uploaded by geekgirlunveiled.
One day, a small package arrived in the mail. Little Red Ella C. Poppet was on hand to investigate, since small packages often mean robot additions to the Poppet Satellite. Unfortunately Little Red Ella is still harboring wisps of xenophobia... at least when it comes to robots.

Arrival II

Remembering the Mini-Dalek troubles, Little Red Ella brought her two Steampunk Sheriffs for an admittance interview. (She couldn't help it that several of the other Poppet residents tagged along out of curiosity. Poppets are VERY curious.)

Arrival III

It did nothing to reduce her discomfort to discover that the passengers in the little paper box were fuzzy and squishy. She was suspicious that they were disguised. What is more, RattyD had become very enamoured of the new guests.

"I especially like this tiny one here. Maybe he could assist me with my tasks?" RattyD said.

"And what tasks would those be, RattyD, hmmm?" asked Little Red Ella.

"Oh... nevermind, forget I said anything," answered RattyD, with his typically unsettling grin.

Arrival IV

"What's your designation, robot?" Little Red Ella thought she could trick this new arrival into revealing a serial number, or at least a brand name.

"My name? I think it's QDNA. But you can call me QD. And the little guy is called Grapenut. I'm not sure what you mean by 'robot.'"

"Cutie? That's a GOOD name! Like Wally!" the curious poppets whispered among themselves. New arrivals were always exciting, especially when they had such good names to share. "What's a 'grapenut?'" "shhhh, Ella's interoggerating." "Don't you mean 'interrogating?'" "Sure, whatever."

"Why did you come here? What is your purpose?"

"Well, a nice lady poked me over and over with a needle, and I arrived looking like this. Then she wrapped me in plastic and shoved me in a box."

"oooh, that doesn't sound nice. " "maybe it's like getting poured into a lego and jabbed with paintbrushes." "oh yeah, good point, that wasn't so bad."

Arrival V

Little Red Ella started again: "What exactly is your PLAN on the Satellite."

QD said: "Well, I thought I might start with a nice cup of tea, then a wee bit of jam."

Little Red Ella relaxed. He just might be okay if the first thing he does is ask for tea.

"And maybe a ham, or a pork chop. Eggs and sausage would be nice, do you have any corned beef? or a pot of stew?"

"Stew." piped Grapenut.

Little Red Ella looked at her Steampunk Sheriffs.

"Oh Dear."

"Oh dear"

"Oh dear", originally uploaded by geekgirlunveiled.

"She's started up again."
"Started what?"
"Bringing home strays."
"What's a stray?"
"I think it's a type of robot."
"They don't look like robots."
"Maybe they're robots in disguise"
"You mean there's more than meets the eye?"

Fairy GodPoppet magicks some snow

Well, happily she just magicked a little snow. We are not fond of snow around here, Poppet.

"But a slight dusting, everyone could use a slight dusting. How about some fairy dust too?"

We're poppets and we approve this weather

The Most Adventurous Red Poppet and her friend Shamrock went to the Coast yesterday.

"Are we telling this story before the baking story?"

"Well there's not much story to tell."

"There were birds and it was sunshiney, and people rode giant boards on the waves. That's a story."

"Yes it is."

The Documentarian

Almost everybody at the Satellite eventually finds their place. Danbo has been searching for hers. She’s not much of a “performer,” preferring to be quiet and observant, rather than flamboyant, or a leader.

One day, she happened upon a tiny camera. Intrigued, she spent some time looking through the viewfinder and wondering if she had the right stuff to be the Satellite’s filmographer.

the documentarian

She decided the best thing was to practice. First she had to find a willing subject, and who else would be better to ask than her BFF Spring.


Spring brought a little friend.


Danbo thinks she might have “it.”