Poppets are sweet and a little spooky

I have poppets, and poppets like to travel. They have insisted that they do not wish to be mixed in with posts about cars or cats or canaries. They like black backgrounds.

They are understanding when human lack imagination and begin muttering about anthropomorphizing. They would like everyone to know that they know bigger words than anthropomorphizing, but aren't sharing. They would also like everyone to know that sometimes smaller words are better. In fact, most things are better when they are smaller. (This human might disagree with that, but I'm not telling.)

Poppets do like to travel, oh yes they do. This poppet is the original, Little Red Poppet. Around here she is also known as Ella Capitan. She is the most well-traveled of the poppet crew that lives with me, and she intends it to stay that way, although she's always happy to have company her size.

We'll see what adventures she can get up to. She also wants you to know that she especially likes gin, and one more thing - she has a kitty fuzz tickling her, so I must go now and take care of it.

Good night.