Can a Dalek change its Rivets?

tea will calm the high-tech destroyer of worlds

Ratty the Debil believes it's likely that the only thing wrong with mini-Dal's temper is that he desperately needs a good cuppa. Because RattyD doesn't do anything by halves, he offered a very large bowl of perfectly whisked superior Japanese green tea. 

"Matcha is always good for what ails you.
What's that? Oh, no, you won't rust..."


After the tea, RattyD deems it safe to approach mini-Dal for a bit of parlay. 

"We're really rather nice, well, a few of us are really rather not nice, but in a very satisfactory and pleasant way. You'll fit right in!"


Mini-Dal accepts the offer of friendship and puts a disrupter ray arm around RattyD's shoulder. 

"Would you mind terribly chap, to be pointing your raygun eyeball in another direction not quite so close to my devilishly cute horn? There's a good lad..."

advanced guard

RattyD speaks with the advanced guard of the poppet posse. Some are apprehensive enough to feel more comfortable with armor. 

"I think I speak for all of us when I say this might be a very bad idea"
     "Trouble is what this is"
          "*did I just hear him say 'exterminate'*?" 
     "oh, that is NOT NICE, and not in the nice poppety 'not nice', but seriously NOT NICE!" 
               "Come now, mini-Dal just needs to learn our ways! It's a social faux paux!" 
                    "I think mini-Dal is ADORABLE! think of how he'll look in a nice bow tie!"
"OH hells bells, for fookssake, YOU'D think an apocalypse was a welcome day off for a little R&R!"
                    "Well it might be..."
"gaarrrrr!!! Now pay attention! We're going to need a little bit more than RattyD's word... "
          "That's true."

can a dalek change its rivets?

Mini-Dal demonstrates his ability to fit in with polite society by showing off his skills with animals. Mollified, the poppets decide to introduce mini-Dal to the rest of the poppet posse.

Can mini-Dal change its rivets and overcome basic Dal nature? Is the power of the Dalek now to be used for good? Is this all a big mistake? Dun dun DAAAAAAAA...

dun dun daaaaa...

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Jessie said...

OMG what happens next?

Drinne said...

Yay, a continuing story . . . .

The mini Dalek is adorable, although my Whoivian knowledge is extremely peripheral.

Throughtheye said...

Oh NO !!! I think Mini-Dal just ran over one of the paper birds !!

Great story... I can't wait for the continuation !!!