Once upon a time

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who met a boy. Though they were only children, the girl fell in love with the boy. The boy was her friend, and she treasured the friendship. He could make her laugh, he made her think, he made her feel pretty and smart, too. Alas, the boy loved others, and didn't know the girl longed for him to look at her with the eyes that fell on the other girls.

Years passed, and the boy and the girl grew closer. One day the girl found the courage to tell the boy how she felt. The boy revealed that he had feelings beyond friendship towards her also. The girl felt like she was suddenly living in a fairytale and her prince had finally arrived. Little did she know that her fairytale love affair contained a poisoned apple.

The boy had been hurt before, and the girl was young and naive. She believed that love and friendship were enough to chase away the poisoned apple of past hurts. The girl never dreamed that the apple would poison the lovers, much less the friends.

It was a slow poison, but as it did its dastardly work, the love turned bitter and angry and hot. Harsh words were spoken, retracted and spoken again. Distance became an excuse, and the excuse was a crushing blow to their love, until one day, finally, the poison became words that neither could forget.

In its death throes, the poisoned apple reached out its tainted fruit to gather one final victim... the friendship.

Years passed, so many years that the girl and the boy have been apart for longer even than they knew one another. The love that seemed like a fairytale is now just a tiny little detour on the road of acquaintance. The girl and the boy never saw one another again, but sometimes, the girl still feels the loss of her friend. 

And on rare nights, 
when she dreams, 
she meets him, 
and things are as they were, 
before the love, 
before the poisoned apple, 
when they were simply friends.


Kelly said...

This is brilliantly amazing and heart-wrenching at the same time. It seems I have found another excellent writer :)

Janet said...

awww...that's kinda so sad :-(