Poppet Explorer Handbook pg. 43

"When meeting new life forms in strange places, be sure to wear your gas mask."

Poppet Explorer Handbook pg. 44

Poppet Explorer Handbook pg. 44:
"If aliens choose to make contact, hold very very still."

Poppet thinks that every entity is entitled to a proper handbook, and wonders why humans are thrust into the world without even a quick start guide. Poppet thinks humans are very silly. This large furry black beast, though, has some promising potential for snuggles and ferocity, which is just the right combination of sweet and creepy to satisfy even the most demanding of poppet sensibilities.

Poppet hopes to share more of the Poppet Explorer Handbook in the future. Perhaps it will help silly humans.


Jessie said...

Surprised the cat hasn't eaten one of them yet.

Drinne said...

Poppets are made of marble resin - the cat's teeth would not appreciate it. Cat's are smart that way.

Poppets have agressively passive defense systems ; )