Whoever stole that hour is going to regret it

"I think it's quite nice to have an extra hour in the morning."
     "What are you talking about?"
          "yeah, it's 'spring forward."
               "I need some tea."
     "you always need tea."
               "well yes, but especially for daylight saving, what are we saving anyways?
"It's such a nice day, it's even snowing!"
          "hrmph, shows what you know."
                    "it IS snowing, I saw it!"
           "great. lose an hour of sleep, and snow. I don't think the Persistence Engine works in the snow."
"I LOVE snow!"
          "you love everything. damn pollyanna."
"Do not, don't love spiders, well, except for the cute little green garden spiders, and the BIG hairy colory ones, and those little jumpy stripey ones, and the..."
               "ENOUGH with the SPIDERS! geez. poppets are trying to sleep."
"But you had an extra hour already!"
     "Didn't we already cover this? 'spring forward...' and all that..."
          "Yeah, we lost an hour! Now go back to sleep."
"But I'm awake now, and it's snowing, and also sunshiney."
               "I NEED TEA!!!"
"You're very grumpy.
Just saying."


ravyn said...


Love it!

WV: salit (i immediately thought of salivate, hmm why is that?)

Kelly said...


I have added your blog to my sidebar (awesome blogs) and I plan to do a blog writing up everyone I love and you will be in it!

Silly poppets.

Stacey said...

Hullo ravyn! glad you like!

Thanks Kelly!

Drinne said...

There were five in the bed and the little one said "Roll over, roll over . . . . "

The WV is irwas, "irwas all cozy here"

Stacey said...

LOL @ Drinne! I remember the song, and yes, ir WAS cozy.