Rattus Norvegicus

I just wanted to say how much I love these little guys! (well, the "ratbag" version.) Now, I'm not much of a rat person... at least I wasn't. 

When I was a teenager, my "boyfriend" (not much of a boyfriend, but kinda - loooong story explained partially in the first half of this post,) had a rat he named Babe. Babe was a darling little brown rat, with cunning little whiskers. She liked to ride on shoulders and she'd snuggle down in your hair or collar. 

Babe was very well cared-for, and soon grew to her full size at about 10" long (not including the tail,) and probably a full pound. At that point, she was Not So Cute. His siblings and I referred to her as "Babe the Sewer Rat." Since that time, I've been pretty much "not about the rats, thank you." 

Then I read Terry Pratchett's "Reaper Man," and met the Grim Squeaker, who is the Death of Rats. One day, shortly thereafter, I read a blog of Neil Gaiman's that pointed me to Lisa's blog and store. She had a Chester Jester in the store, and another rat, which I thought were kind of cute, but weren't really my cuppa. In poking around on her blog and Poppet Planet, I finally landed on the Ratbag page, where I saw... 

Death (of rats)

PLEASED TO MEET YOU,  he said, because of course, he's much smaller than Mort or DEATH HIMSELF. And I thought, "that's exactly what my home is missing, there's no Grim Squeaker living here. How could we have overlooked that tiny detail, when we have two pouncy cats in residence?" 

I wrote Lisa, and Grimmy became my first ratty little ratbag rat. 

Naturally, like Poppets, that opened the floodgates, or rather, it breached a tiny hole in the beaver dam. 



As I was saying... more rats. I love these guys! I'm certain there will be stories, and oh yes, there will be rats. Lots of rats. 

Naturally, (or perhaps I should say "raturally,") Easter Bun-, er... Ratty, wants to say hello on this fine, rainy and windy Easter afternoon. She hopes you have all the hollow chocolate bunnies you need for some lovely, and deeply satisfying ear biting. What is it her fluffy cousins say? Oh yes...


Happy Easter from the Easter Bun-... wait... RAT?!

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Janet said...

Stacy!!! You asked Lisa to make you a special poppet???

Stacey said...

Haha! No. I asked Lisa to dig around in her workshop to see if she please Please PLEASE had one left.