Can a Dalek Change Its Rivets, Part IV

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On the first day of School, the Ambassadors - Dor and Dora - determined that the best idea was to start mini-Dal out with the regular reading group. It seemed that mini-Dal had much more indoctrination than education, and reading seemed to be the best way to introduce him to new ideas.

Baby Red was enjoying a rousing reading of "Red Fish Blue Fish," her favorite story - "It's so exciting! I NEVER walked with 10 cats on my head! How would you fit 10 cats on your head? I really don't think they stack very well. Maybe if you tied them with a string..."

Little Baby Blue was reading Wind in the Willows, which was of special interest to everyone, as it had just been released in Poppetvision, and nobody else at the Satellite had read it yet. - "There's a 'Ratty' in here. He rows a boat! I wonder if our RattyD knows how to row boats? I've never been in a boat. I would not like to crash in a car though, Toad seems a bit irresponsible..."

It turned out that mini-Dal was quite a good reader, and had, in fact, read a great many books about machines, and engineering, and tactical planning. The Ambassadors decided that, given his background in science, but relatively little knowledge of social dynamics, it would be good to start him on classic fiction. He settled right in to the reading, and things were very quiet for awhile. The Ambassadors left mini-Dal and the poppets to their reading, and wandered off to do paperwork and drink tea.

Soon, though, Dora grew concerned.

"Dor, darling, do you smell something?"
"No dear, what is it?"
"It smells like smoke! I think there is a fire in the dojo!"

The ambassadors hurried in to investigate the smoke smells. Mini-Dal was standing in front of a small firebowl, where a blaze was crackling merrily, with his "classic fiction" as fuel.

Fireman Montag

"Dal, what are you doing?"
"Oh dear."

oh dear

"What book did you give him?"
"Fahrenheit 451"
"That may not have been one of your better ideas, darling. Dal, dear, how much of the book did you read?"
"Hmmm, well, you see, that wasn't exactly what I wanted you to get from this book... Oh dear."
EXTERMINATE? mini-Dal whispered his comfort word to himself.

He got the impression that things had gone wrong, again. He was beginning to like these strange little creatures, and for the first time in his nuts and bolts and fissiony existence, he felt accepted instead of feared. He didn't want to disappoint the Ambassadors, and he also hoped he wasn't going to be scolded, or made to wear his mitts again. The mitts itched.

"Dal, dear, the Ambassador and I would like to apologize for starting you off on a complicated classic. I'm sorry the book is burnt, but we don't burn books. We read them."
"Sometimes we argue about them in book club, but we don't burn them."
"Nevermind dear. We can worry about book club later. Right now, lets get you something else to read. Here we are: Grimm's Fairy Tales!"
"Dora, I don't know if that's such a good choice for unsupervised readings, either."
"Oh Dor, silly goose, what harm can it do? It's a classic!"


Jessie said...

In the Grimm version of Cinderella the stepsisters cut off parts of their feet to fit in the slipper and at the wedding birds come and peck out their eyes.

How about a nice rousing read of Brown Bear Brown Bear?

Drinne said...

Love the book cover - that pattern must be popular among popptes : )

the burned book is awesome - props to the effects master.

Grimms is Ok if it's recent versions where they nuetered and spayed all the stories, but really shouldn't you start out with Anne of Green Gables or Little house on the Prairie?

Or maybe the real Wizard of Oz which was specifically designed not to be scary until the nasty movie executives got it. , , , ,

Stacey said...

Yeah, I'm with Dor, I'm not sure Grimms' is a good choice either. ;-)

Most disturbing Grimms' to me was always "Little One Eye, Little Two Eyes, Little Three Eyes."