Persistence Mechanical Expert

The poppets have been dealing for awhile with a very frustrated and exhausted caretaker. Even though things have not really been going wrong, most things are just vaguely not right.

The Steampunks have been wearing their gasmasks around the clock, "just in case."

Things are beginning to look up, with the assistance of a very kind Doctor (the human kind,) and his two human Doctors-in-training. Poppets (and Robots,) have been acting up and getting silly, hoping the Photographic Machine will make an appearance. Poppets like to be Photographed.

The Steampunks are still a bit reserved, and had recently pointed out to the caretaker that there was still a tiny Unresolved Issue with their Persistence Engine.

Earlier in the week, a Persistence Mechanical Expert arrived to deal with the Unresolved Issue. She brought her own tools and parts.

After a thorough walk around with one of the Steampunks, the Persistence Mechanical Expert suggested that the Issue could be resolved with just a touch of enamel, and that a full-scale overhaul was really completely unnecessary, and perhaps everyone should stop worrying so much, and that her fee could be paid with shrimp. And a BBQ party.


The Persistence Engineer was satisfied with the inspection.



Kelly said...

You have a way of making your Poppets look Grand, in a way that I have not seen any other Poppets. Wonderful photos :)

Stacey said...

Thank you, Kelly. They seem to tell their own stories sometimes, don't they?