A discovery

A discovery, originally uploaded by geekgirlunveiled.

Yesterday, Little Red Ella and Patina P. Poppet took a walk down to the creek. Along the way, they spied something in the dirt.

"What is it?"

"I think it's a treasure chest." 

"A Treasure Chest? How fantastic! I'm going to open it!"

"Wait! You can't open it, maybe it contains a curse!"

"Pah, I'm not afraid of any old curse."

"Well, maybe there are bones in it."

"Bones? Goody, I can make a windchime out of them and hang them in the garden."

"Yucko. Also, intriguing. But maybe there are SPIDERS in there."


Patina P. backed up a few inches. 

"I'm NOT fond of spiders, especially hairy spiders with eight eyes and loooong fuzzy legs..."

"I KNEW it! You HAVE been spending too much time with Pollyanna Poppet." 

"Nothing wrong with that, she's nice." 

"I rest my case. Now, what are we going to do with this Treasure Chest?"

"I say, let's OPEN IT! Maybe it will be jewels, and gold, and dollars!"

"What would you do with dollars?"

"Why, I'd buy Poppetropolis, they have a Merry Go Round now."

"I do NOT think Poppetropolis is for sale."

"Well, then I'd visit, and have coffee in the rooftop Cafe. I'll bet that's fun."

"Hmmm... yes, that could be fun. Okay, let's open it." 

After a bit of struggling, Patina P. and Little Red Ella managed to unlatch the Treasure Chest. It did NOT contain what they expected.


"Well, I guess it's KIND of like bones..."

"Yucko. Why do people do things like this? Poppels are NOT that foolish."

"Yuh-huh, sometimes we are. But I agree that old teeth don't seem much like Treasure. At least there should have been some Peppermints in there."

"Yeah, or Junior Mints!"

"What are those?"

"I dunno, our human likes them."

"Silly human."

"Yeah. Silly human."


Swimming?, originally uploaded by geekgirlunveiled.

Patina Poppet: "I don't understand the point of this. Back home on Poppet Planet, swimming was done in a LARGE puddle of COOL water."

Birthday Poppet:
"I know, what is the point of a little puddle like this? And hot water?"

Little Purps: "It's too steamy in here. I can't see."

Little Orange: "Oh, I want to try this 'swimming.' How is it done?"

Poppet Day Poppet:
"I know, you just jump in from a thing called a 'diving board.' Or else somebody can throw you."

Poppet Lavender:
"I'LL throw you!"

Patina Poppet: "How do you know all of this?"

Poppet Day Poppet:
"I've been swimming before."

Little Blue:
"You have not! You got your topcoat then got stuffed in a mailer, just like us!"

Poppet Day Poppet:
"Okay, fine. One of the House Reds told me before I went on transport."

Patina Poppet:
"hmmmph. Hearsay. Well I don't think there's room in this little puddle anyways. She's hogging up the whole thing with her giant feet and her giant..."

Birthday Poppet:

Patina Poppet: "Okay. Sorry."

If I could change the world

with a little help from my friends.

words matter

words matter, originally uploaded by geekgirlunveiled.

toxic word association. My day hurts. Poppets help, they are bigger inside than out.

hate gasmask apocalypse toxic prejudice fear tears cry break worthless nothing devalue unreal unworthy cruel wrong disordered problem dangerous silence

hope peace acceptance support equality freedom openness optimum healthy human


Silly humans.