"Oh dear"

"Oh dear", originally uploaded by geekgirlunveiled.

"She's started up again."
"Started what?"
"Bringing home strays."
"What's a stray?"
"I think it's a type of robot."
"They don't look like robots."
"Maybe they're robots in disguise"
"You mean there's more than meets the eye?"


Drinne said...

OMG! They're like an attack of Kawaii!

What are they? Do they have a story?

The picture is great but it goes straight to the eight year old girl "squee center" of my amygdala.

Stacey said...


They are Grapenut the Jacabob and Questionable DNA from Kit Lane on Etsy. They are totally kawaii, aren't they! Cute, cute, cute! The Poppets aren't sure about all this cute.