The Aftermath

The Aftermath, originally uploaded by geekgirlunveiled.
What are we looking at?

Our human.

What happened to her?

She went to a Par Tea.

I thought Tea was good for the human.

Not "Par Tea" - Party. She said she was going to be drinking "The Good Shit."


I think it's Euphemism.

Ohhhhh! What's that black stuff smeared on the side of her face?

It's her eye paint that she calls Maskscareya.


Yeah, I like my way better.

Wow, her breath really stinks.

That's why we borrowed these gasmasks from the steampunks.

Do you think she had fun? She's taking medicine and groaning a lot.

She claims to have had fun.

Hmm. Silly Humans.

Yeah. Silly Humans.

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