The new arrivals

Arrival I, originally uploaded by geekgirlunveiled.
One day, a small package arrived in the mail. Little Red Ella C. Poppet was on hand to investigate, since small packages often mean robot additions to the Poppet Satellite. Unfortunately Little Red Ella is still harboring wisps of xenophobia... at least when it comes to robots.

Arrival II

Remembering the Mini-Dalek troubles, Little Red Ella brought her two Steampunk Sheriffs for an admittance interview. (She couldn't help it that several of the other Poppet residents tagged along out of curiosity. Poppets are VERY curious.)

Arrival III

It did nothing to reduce her discomfort to discover that the passengers in the little paper box were fuzzy and squishy. She was suspicious that they were disguised. What is more, RattyD had become very enamoured of the new guests.

"I especially like this tiny one here. Maybe he could assist me with my tasks?" RattyD said.

"And what tasks would those be, RattyD, hmmm?" asked Little Red Ella.

"Oh... nevermind, forget I said anything," answered RattyD, with his typically unsettling grin.

Arrival IV

"What's your designation, robot?" Little Red Ella thought she could trick this new arrival into revealing a serial number, or at least a brand name.

"My name? I think it's QDNA. But you can call me QD. And the little guy is called Grapenut. I'm not sure what you mean by 'robot.'"

"Cutie? That's a GOOD name! Like Wally!" the curious poppets whispered among themselves. New arrivals were always exciting, especially when they had such good names to share. "What's a 'grapenut?'" "shhhh, Ella's interoggerating." "Don't you mean 'interrogating?'" "Sure, whatever."

"Why did you come here? What is your purpose?"

"Well, a nice lady poked me over and over with a needle, and I arrived looking like this. Then she wrapped me in plastic and shoved me in a box."

"oooh, that doesn't sound nice. " "maybe it's like getting poured into a lego and jabbed with paintbrushes." "oh yeah, good point, that wasn't so bad."

Arrival V

Little Red Ella started again: "What exactly is your PLAN on the Satellite."

QD said: "Well, I thought I might start with a nice cup of tea, then a wee bit of jam."

Little Red Ella relaxed. He just might be okay if the first thing he does is ask for tea.

"And maybe a ham, or a pork chop. Eggs and sausage would be nice, do you have any corned beef? or a pot of stew?"

"Stew." piped Grapenut.

Little Red Ella looked at her Steampunk Sheriffs.

"Oh Dear."

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