Bigger on the inside *

Bigger on the inside, originally uploaded by geekgirlunveiled.

"Dude, what is your major malfunction?" **

"I agree, you really should calm down a little, maybe have a cup of tea, put your feet up, you know?" ***

*Poppets are bigger on the inside. That's why Trolls don't really scare them.

**At least, I've never seen one scared.

***Note the total absence of gasmasks.

****Although they are asking about Evil Henchmen, who might be scarier.

*****Especially if there are sharks with fricken' laser beams attached to their heads

******Or even some ill-tempered sea bass. Those could also be scary.

*******They admit to a certain curiosity regarding Warlocks too.

Note to self: Must set TV watching limits for Poppet Satellite residents.

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JT said...

Frikin laser beams!